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Ten years ago my client, was riding his motorcycle and missed a corner on the Sea to Sky highway. As he plunged over the cliff the upper part of his body was shredded as he went through the trees. When he hit the ground his neck was broken. He lay there for three days before being found. He survived but his life has been forever changed. Now his most important form of transportation (other than his wheel-chair) is in serious need of replacement. He gets around in an old pick-up which is on its last legs. Indeed, the alternator went last week. I was moved to think, I've got to do something - like, get him a handicapped van. Within a week of this thought, another client, said to me, "You know, I got this handicapped van I'm trying to sell." OK, I believe in synchronicity. I arranged to see the van and we came to a price.

This is where you come in. I need to raise $5000 dollars. Donations are already coming in ranging from $10 to $500 dollars (I am not adverse to taking larger amounts:-).

Recently, a supporter of the cause asked a couple of good questions. One, what's the guy's name? His first name is Scott and for confidentiality reasons, he is a client, I cannot give his full name. Second, how come he isn't buying the van himself? Unlike many people who break their neck in a vehicular accident, Scott had no insurance. Therefore no, settlement. Therefore, he has had to live on a disability pension until he found work. Which he did. He is a talented mechanic and worked in the film industry for years part-time. His physical condition is such that he cannot work full-time. Scott is battling some difficult physical issues and is not currently working. Indeed, he is going into surgery for a massive open wound on his hip (you do not want to see the photos). So, that is a little bit about Scott.

I know we can do this. So far, $1500 has been raised. You and I are lucky to lead privileged lives. Not everyone is so fortunate. Please help me to fulfill this dream and share in the spirit of giving.


Total funding has been achieved. THANKS one and all for your generosity in the Van4man Project. I will keep you updated as we are working on a paint job and other accesories for the Van.

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